Focus on your Strength’s

There was a tree in a park and under the tree was a pond with a lot of fish in it. Many birds took shelter on this tree singing gracefully and flying around. People came to visit the park and watched the fish and the birds.

There is one particular fish in the pond who really wanted to fly like a bird. He always felt  sorry for being a fish and not being able to fly like a bird. The children who came to the park played around the pond and used to watch the fish. This particular fish who wanted to be a bird always used to be sad. It would go around in the pond all alone, always feeling sad for not being able to fly like a bird. However the other fish in the pond enjoyed being themselves and swam around in the pond happily. Kids used to feed the fish and some of the regular visitors even noticed this unhappy fish and wondered why this fish was not like the other fish in that pond and is always looking sad.

This unhappy fish had everything in life to be a happy fish. But it did not chose to be happy with who he is. It had all the strengths a fish could have but did not use its strengths to be a better fish and be happy with its life, but always felt unhappy for not being something that it is not made to be.

How to focus on our Strengths:

We come across people like this who are sad and not being able to enjoy the beauty of life. Life is tough if we run in every direction trying to master everything. We have to make a decision to stop wasting or just spending time and instead invest some time in learning how we can be more productive with the strengths that we have. Always remember that people who are successful in life are the ones who identified their strengths and worked on mastering them.

Each of us are blessed with unique gifts and talents by our Creator. Our duty in life as we grow up is to discover, build and focus on our unique strengths. We have to work on our talents and strengths in order to gain expertise in those areas. As we identify, focus and work on our strengths we will get better everyday and will gain expertise in those areas. We have to identify what we are passionate about doing and do more of it. We have to live our life with Passion. As we are gaining expertise in the areas of our strengths it will give us an opportunity to serve.

Some of the things we should keep in mind as work on discovering and working on our talents and strengths.

Values – We have to build our life on strong values such as honesty, integrity, love and have to live life on purpose in order to achieve our goals. We should never cheat to win and must to do the right thing even if it hurts. Always remember that “What is right is more important than who is right.”

Mentors – Read good books. Charlie “Tremendous” Jones once said that “We will be the same year after year, except for the people we meet and the books we read.” This is very true. I personally read the Holy Bible everyday and also read good books from writers like John Maxwell, Stephen Covey, Max Lucado to name a few.

Make few good people your mentors and work with them in helping identifying your strengths. Relationships are very important in life and we have to nourish them. We have to be around people who will encourage us and build us. A recent tweet from Rick Warren states “Never ask anyone to be your mentor until first you know who his/her mentors have been and currently are” and we have to keep this in mind when we are choosing our mentors.

Humility and Service – Humility helps us to be open to opportunities and will help us grow in our areas of strength. The simple act of helping and serving  other people will help us move in the right direction. It makes us feel good.  The mastery that we have in the area of our expertise does not give us the right to boast over who do not understand it. We should consider it our greatest opportunity to serve.

We should focus on what we are blessed with, rather than what we do not have.

We often hear people say that I will be happy when I get there or when I have that something in life. But always remember that  life is a journey and each of us have to go through our unique experiences in life and enjoy the journey while we are getting there.

So take this opportunity to understand and find out what your talents are and invest in them to in order to master your strengths.

You will start discovering how this will make all the difference.



  1. Beth Laube · · Reply

    Glad I took the time to read your Blog Paul. Good words to help us refocus on who we are and what is important! Blessings Paul.

    1. Thanks for taking time to read my blog Beth. Appreciate your comments.

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