Partnering for Success

Partnering for Success

We are social beings who were designed to partner and work together. We can leverage partnerships with others to help us succeed in what we do. Partnering can accomplish things that we cannot accomplish individually. Partnering for a good cause will lead to mutual benefit but partnering for a bad cause and selfish motives could lead to disaster.

Webster’s dictionary defines Partnership as “A contract entered into by two or more persons in which each agrees to furnish a part of the capital and labor for a business enterprise and by which each shares in some fixed proportion in profits and loses”.

Effect of Partnerships

Partnering effectively with our spouses and children will make our families stronger. Families partnering with other families, churches, organizations and schools will  help in building better communities. Communities partnering together will help in building a better nation.  In an organization employees partnering together will lead to the success of the organization.

Jesus Christ partnered with His twelve disciples and His followers to accomplish His goal of spreading the Gospel to all the nations. We can see the effect of this partnership started by Jesus still going strong and multiplying after more than 2000 years.

Partnering for a common cause to accomplish a common goal

People partner for a common cause. Good partnerships will lead to long term success. Recently we have seen this kind partnerships growing among various communities.  Partnerships has become the center of community building activities that are making things happen when people have common agenda which could be a prelude to something much bigger and much more effective. People are partnering together for various reasons. Effective partnerships require good communication between its partnering members to clearly understand their goals.

We see partnerships for anti-bullying, anti-war, anti-nuclear, women’s rights movements to name a few. It is nice to see people partnering for a good cause. we are seeing that it is spreading and making a difference in many people’s lives.

It could be for a common cause whether it is to protest against the corporate greed which started as “Occupy Wall Street” and spread across the entire nation and into different countries now. This partnership which started as a small protest exploded into a nationwide and now into a worldwide phenomenon.

Effect of Social Media

Social Media and Professional Networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are playing a major role in the success of various kinds of partnerships. According to a recent study Facebook signup data shows that the occupy US movement has been doubled in size on an average every three days since mid September. By the end of October, these protests are expected to be spread across many countries around the world.

We also see people joining various groups on Facebook and Twitter showing their partnerships for different causes.

What is required for Successful Partnerships?

Vision: There should be clearly defined vision for the success of any kind of partnership. The vision is something like what should be the ultimate outcome or the goal of a Partnership. (What are we partnering for?)

Action: There should be an action plan for a partnership on how to accomplish the specified goal.

Accountability: There should be accountability between the members who partner together. On a regular basis they should discuss their wins, loses, modification to approach based on the intermediate outcomes and unexpected turns. Members should challenge each other for better results as the partnership moves forward.

Sacrifice & Risk: People should understand that there could be risk involved in partnerships. Partnerships could lead to personal sacrifices such as time, money and sometimes could cost lives while partnering for a common cause.

Goal: There should be a clearly specified goal for any kind of partnership. This the clear definition of the final outcome of what needs to be accomplished through a partnership.

Let us partner for a good cause to make this world a better place to live. We should keep looking for partnering opportunities around us and get involved for doing something good.


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