Titanic – The Guntur Connection

The Titanic’s Connection to my hometown Guntur, India.

RMS Titanic

The RMS Titanic was a British registered ocean liner built for the transatlantic passenger and mail service between Southampton and New York. The Titanic was on her maiden voyage, the largest vessel afloat at that time.

On April 10th, 1912 the Titanic sailed from Southampton with 2,200 passengers and crew, four days later the Titanic collided with an iceberg and sank. Sadly 1500 people died and 700 survived.

This unfortunate event occurred exactly 100 years ago on April 15th, 1912 when the Titanic hit the iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean.

There are four people who travelled from Guntur, India who boarded the Titanic. All four of them survived.

The Guntur Connection

Allen Becker, was an American Lutheran Minister who was working in Guntur, India. He travelled to India with his wife, Nellie E. Becker (née Baumgardner), son Luther and daughter Ruth. Two children, Marion and Richard, were born to the couple while they were in India. Luther died in 1907 due to sickness. Richard, who was born in 1910, fell ill a couple of years later and that illness forced Nellie to return to the U.S. along with their other children. Allen Becker, her husband planned to join them later.

The family set out on the journey on March 7, 1912, reached London via the Suez Canal on April 5. They went to Southampton and boarded the RMS Titanic for the voyage to the United States of America.

All four boarded the 2nd class on the Titanic and were listed as travelling companions on the same ticket.

Name                                    Age        Class/Dept          Ticket    Fare       Joined

BECKER, Mrs Nellie E.                     35           2nd Class             230136  £39         Southampton

BECKER, Miss Marion Louise       4              2nd Class             230136  £39         Southampton

BECKER, Master Richard F.           1              2nd Class             230136  £39         Southampton

BECKER, Miss Ruth Elizabeth       12           2nd Class             230136  £39         Southampton

All four of them were rescued and survived. When the rescue work began Sunday night, Mrs. Nellie Becker and her three children were among those placed in the lifeboats.  They drifted almost all night until they were picked up Monday by the “Carpathia” which came to the rescue following wireless summons for help from the Titanic.

Allen Becker completed his missionary work in Guntur and joined his family a year later. They were originally from Ohio and Mr. & Mrs. Becker were college graduates.

There is a place in Guntur, called the “Becker Compound” named after this Lutheran missionary Allen Becker.

Passenger Details

Mrs Nellie E. Becker (née Baumgardner)


Miss Marion Louise Becker


Master Richard F. Becker


Miss Ruth Elizabeth Becker


Related Information & Additional Details

The following website from which I was able to get most of the information tells the story about the great ship Titanic.

Encyclopedia Titanica (www.encyclopedia-titanica.org)




About Guntur, India (From Wikipedia)




  1. Ruth Elizabeth Becker was also born in Guntur. She was the first non-native born there. Luther was the only child in the family born in the United States.

    1. Mr DL – Thanks for taking time to read my blog. Appreciate the updated information that you provided.

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