Influencing Without Borders

The nature of influence remains profound as ever but the mode of influencing has changed lately . In the past, it was limited to media like newspapers, books from the library,  watching influential people on TV and observing them in person if we ever got a chance to watch them.(This still exists and we still use this media)

However, with the advent of Internet and Social Media there is a big shift in this model. Anyone can be influenced or can influence anyone from anywhere in the world. Influence does not have limitations or borders anymore. This is termed as “Influencing Without Borders.”

In this age of information explosion, books written by famous authors, speakers and influential people are available online, some for free. Many of our leadership icons have their own blogs and they are sharing their thoughts freely and interacting with their followers via Twitter and Facebook. A person’s tweet could reach hundreds, thousands and millions of people in a matter of minutes across the universe. Following our leaders and the people who influence and inspire us was never so easy. The social media has also given us an opportunity to interact directly with the people who influence us which I consider as a great gift.

In this age of information explosion we have a great opportunity and we should use our time and resources wisely by picking the people who influence us and learning from them. Learning is a lifelong process. Being a good follower is the first step for being a Good Leader. Leadership is nothing but Influence.

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