Life Lessons Learned During My Wisdom Teeth Extraction

I had my impacted wisdom teeth extracted recently. I pushed it back for many years and finally the time has come for those impacted teeth to be extracted because of the pain and inconvenience they were causing. The process went well, but after the extraction I was in severe pain for a few days. But most importantly I learned some great life lessons during my downtime.

1. Change occurs when the pain of remaining the same is greater than the pain of changing:

I came across this quote a few years ago. “Change occurs when the pain of remaining the same is greater than the pain of changing”. I am not sure who quoted it but I personally applied it to many situations in the past few years and it is absolutely true. The same thing happened in the case of my impacted wisdom teeth. In the past few months the area of the impacted wisdom teeth started hurting bad and I had to opt for the change of getting them extracted.

This quote about change is very true. Try to apply this quote to some of your situations and you will be amazed when you realize how true this is.

2. Even though I am in pain, I do not have to be a pain to others:

Many of us might have come across someone in the past that was in pain and tried to make everyone else’s life around them miserable or painful.

This is a quote by Maya Angelou “‘I’ve learned that even when I have pains, I don’t have to be one.’”. Once my impacted wisdom teeth were extracted I was in excruciating pain for a few days. I took Ibuprofen to reduce the pain, but it did not help me much.  Even though I was in pain I firmly made up my mind not to be a pain to people around me. I thank God for my wonderful wife and kids who attended to me. When I was in pain, I spent time listening to some music and reading some good books and blogs. They helped me take my mind away from pain and at the same time helped me not to be a pain to others.

3. Be an Encouragement to others who are going through similar situations:

When we go through painful situations in our lives, they will help us get stronger. Remember the saying “What Doesn’t Kill You makes you stronger”? This is absolutely true. These situations will make us stronger and will help us to minister to other people who are going through similar situations.

Have you ever noticed that when you are going through a tough time, if someone walks over and assures you that they went through a similar situation and now they are feeling great?  Can you imagine how much confidence those words give us?

You and I can be that person. By the grace of God we can move forward through tough times and we can grant supporting grace to others who are going through similar situations. We can be a great source of encouragement to others.

It has been almost three weeks since I had my wisdom teeth extracted and I am feeling a lot better except for some pain now and then. But I am grateful that I was able to learn these lessons during that time. Feel free to share your experiences by commenting on this article.

Have a Great Day!


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