Nik Wallenda – Inspiring The World, One Step At A Time

“What is the purpose of your trip sir?” The customs officer asked Nik Wallenda when he presented his passport at the Canadian border. He replied “To inspire people around the world”.

Mr. Nik Wallenda became the first man ever to walk over the Niagara Falls on June 15, 2012. Mr Wallenda is 33 years old and it was said that he first tried tight rope walking at the age of 2. He successfully walked the 1800 feet of wire in a little over 25 minutes on June 15, 2012. Many people watched this event live at the Niagara Falls as well as on live television all around the world.

I am very impressed and inspired by his vision, passion, concentration, focus, faith, discipline and fulfillment. While watching him on TV, a few thoughts came to my mind which I would like to share.

He had a Vision

After his successful walk over the Niagara Falls, Nik quoted “This has been everything that I have worked for, for a long time”. This clearly shows that he had a vision set before him and he worked hard to accomplish that vision.  It was said that Nik first set his eyes on the Niagara Falls at the age of 6 and was able to achieve his lifelong dream.

We should have a vision and must work hard to accomplish that vision.

Believed in his Vision

Not only did Nik have a vision, he believed in his vision. Nik was first given permission for the walk over the Niagara Falls by the American officials in June 2011. But they later changed the permission and voted to maintain their one hundred year old anti-stunting rules. Nik believed in his vision and he continued lobbying the Niagara Parks commission for many months before they finally him the green light.

When we have a vision, we must strongly believe in that vision. We will encounter roadblocks but we must work diligently in order to fulfill that vision.

Prepared to fulfill his Vision

For Mr Wallenda the walk was all about honoring his ancestor’s legacy and fulfilling his personal dream. He spent many years preparing for the walk. He practiced on the wire and filled out endless paperwork, and he hoped people can take inspiration from it. He quoted “The impossible is not so impossible if you set your mind to it. Reach for the skies and never give up.” Nik practiced in a parking lot at a local casino. He used a giant fan and fire trucks spraying water to simulate the tough conditions he could face over the falls.

Once we have as vision and believe in that vision it requires a preparation to fulfill that vision.

Fulfillment of his Vision

Finally on June 15, 2012 the time has come for him to fulfill his vision. The voices of the crowd fell silent as Mr Wallenda hopped on to the wire. He took one step at a time battling the winds and almost blinding spray to make history by becoming the first person ever to walk across the Niagara Falls on a tight rope. He was drained both physically and mentally. He went through all the human emotions while he worked hard to fulfill his vision.

When he reached the end of his walk, he took a knee, waved his hand towards the cheering crowd and ran his last few steps. He later quoted “I am so blessed. How blessed I am to have the life that I have.”

We must have a vision, believe in that vision and prepare in order to fulfill it.

His Faith and Relationships

Faith and relationships will play an integral part in achieving a person’s vision. It was said about Nik that the king of the wire put his faith in the “King of Kings”. He told one of the reporters that his faith in the Lord kept his emotions in check, and that his extensive preparation was an equal component of his success.

Moments before he walked over the Falls, Nik joined hands for prayer with his family beside the Falls. Nik said that he grew up in Christian family which is Bible believing and God fearing.  He later said that he would not have accomplished his vision if not for his Faith. While walking over the Niagara Falls he was constantly seen communicating with his Heavenly Father as well as his earthly father.

His Inspiration

As Nik envisioned he inspired a lot of people all around the world. He showed that having a vision, believing in it and preparing hard for it, anyone could achieve what they aim for in life. He also showed that Faith and relationships will play an integral role in fulfilling a person’s vision.

Mr Nik Wallenda – Thank you for being an inspiration!


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  1. Nik Wallenda ‏@NikWallenda – Thank you Mr. Kandavalli! I really enjoyed the article. #nevergiveup

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