Customer Engagement – Do You Know Your Customers?

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement is defined as the engagement of customers with a company, business or a brand. As a company or a business, do you know your customers? Customer Engagement plays a critical role for any business or brand to be successful. Knowing the customers’ needs and delivering them consistently without compromising the quality will make a business successful.

Benefits of Customer Engagement

Companies must know what the customers want in order to deliver the right products. When the customers feel that they are engaged, the company will win the trust of their customers. The customers will feel that the company cares for them. If it works right your customers will start advertising your product. Yes, your customers could be your advertisers. Customer Engagement during product design and enhancement phases could turn your customers into your advertisers. If your customers are your product advocates, your customer base could expand exponentially. You could have a large set of loyal customer base.

Role of Social Media in Customer Engagement

Social Media opened a lot of avenues to engage customers. It created avenues for customers to “follow” a business or company on Twitter and “like” the product on Facebook. Interacting with the customers is more important than mere excitement of how many likes or followers exist. Companies must interact with customers via polls and messages. Blogs are another great source for customer engagement. Companies need to pay attention to customer comments and pay attention to both positive and negative feedback. Negative feedback should not be an intimidation but should be considered as a great opportunity for learning and improvement. Bill Gates states “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” Feedback is a great source of learning.

Customer Engagement Process for Business Success

  1. Knowing & Listening to your customers.
  2. Delivering what your customers want without compromising the quality of the product.
  3. Getting customer feedback on the product or services.
  4. Improving the product design based on customer feedback.
  5. Being consistent in delivering what was promised in a timely manner.
  6. Surprising your customers occasionally with unexpected rewards & benefits.
  7. Exceeding customer expectations.
  8. Improving and innovating continuously.
  9. Repeating the above steps when required.

Customer Engagement applies to any company or business. It could be a company that manufactures consumer electronics, automobiles,  household products or a service provider providing services to its customers. Recently I have seen many authors using the concept of Customer Engagement before publishing their books by getting feedback from the readers about the content and design for their books. They are very successful with this kind of strategy.

When the customers feel that they are engaged, the company will win the trust of their customers. The customers will understand that the company cares for their needs. This will build a loyal customer base for your business that will ensure successes in what you do. Customer Engagement coupled with Great Customer Experience will make a company very successful.

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