Source + Medium + Capability = Success

For an initiative to be successful in this information age, the following three things are required.

1. A Source of Information
2. A Medium to facilitate the transmission of information
3. A Capable Device to deliver the information to the intended audience or the end users

Online content and online streaming is extremely popular these days. We are all familiar with this in our day to day lives.
More and more companies are investing in streaming and pushing their content online to their group of intended audience.

There are numerous internet service providers and wireless companies that are already transmitting the information successfully.
We can find a Wi-Fi almost in any place now. Recently, the source of information is also providing this service to their users, like a free in-store Wi-Fi  for the customers and providing coupons with the service as well.

With the ease of access to internet capable smart devices like (Smart TV’s, iPad’s, Tablets, Smartphones) the information is easily reachable to millions of people across the globe. The future sales predictions for the internet connected devices is increasing exponentially across the world so the opportunities are limitless.

When the source of information, the medium that facilitates the flow of information and the capable device that delivers the information to the intended audience, compliment each other and work together in harmony the possibilities are limitless.


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