15 Leadership Quotes From The Book “Boundaries For Leaders” by Dr. Henry Cloud

“Boundaries for Leaders – Results, Relationships, And Being Ridiculously In Charge” by Dr. Henry Cloud is a remarkable book that every leader must read. It makes you understand why some people get results while others don’t. In this book you can learn seven leadership boundaries that can set the stage, tone, and culture for a results driven organization.

This book is filled with inspiring practical examples from Dr. Henry Cloud. Boundaries for Leaders is an essential reading for anyone who is aspiring to lead for high performance and healthy relationships. This book is about what leaders need to do, in order for people to accomplish their vision. If you are leader who is looking to make a difference, I strongly recommend reading this book.

Here are 15 powerful quotes from this book that you can reflect on.

  • When leaders lead in ways that people’s brains can follow, good results follow as well.
  • As a leader, you are always going to get a combination of two things: What you create and What you allow.
  • Leaders, through a handful of essential boundaries, make sure  certain things happen, prevent other things from happening, and keep it all moving forward.
  • Leaders are a positive force for good and a negative force against bad.
  • Strong leaders set up the kind of culture and structures that will deal with negative behavior quickly and effectively so that it never takes root.
  • Clarity leads to attention and attention leads to results.
  • Leadership is not dog training. It is the creation of the kinds of conditions in which people can bring their brains, gifts, hearts, talents and energy to the realization of a vision.
  • This is what people need from their leaders, the knowledge that their leader is for their success, and if a mistake is made, that leader will stand beside them and help them learn and improve, not punish them.
  • What you create, what you allow, is what you get as a leader.
  • Great leaders don’t let their environments change them into helpless thinkers.
  • A leader must set very strong boundaries against helplessness and negativity; he must also provide the fuel to get people moving.
  • Set a boundary on your tendency to be a “closed system”, and open yourself to outside inputs that bring you energy and guidance.
  • Leaders need outside voices to provide emotional and functional support, not just so that they can avoid mistakes but also so that they can grow as leaders.
  • To be the best you can be, you must develop a hunger for feedback and see it as one of the best gifts that you can get.
  • One of the most important self-boundaries that leaders have to establish is against the tendency to put off changes that they know need to be made.

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